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Shisha Tobacco Review: Nakhla Mix - Ice Raspberry Mint

Bei dieser Produktionsreihe hat sich Nakhla nicht unbedingt am Standard-Geschmack orientiert. Der Tabak ist in den Geschmacksrichtungen Brandy, Cosmopolitan, Flames (Zimt-Tequila), Ice Apple, Ice Grape Mint, Ice Lemon Mint, Ice Raspberry Mint, Ice Watermelon Mint, Orange Peach und Shisha on the Beach verfgbar.

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NAKHLA MIZO NAKHLA MIX Hookah Shisha Tobacco are manufactured in Egypt and is available in many different flavors. Nakhla Mizo and Sherazade are a new premium line of shisha that gives strong lasting flavor and a desirable thick smoke. Ice Raspberry Mint. Ice Watermelon Mint. Orange Peach. Shisha on the Beach . E-MAIL

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Табак Nakhla Mix — Ice Watermelon Mint (Лёд, Арбуз, Мята, 50 грамм) 75. 00 грн. Табак Nakhla Mix — Ice Lemon Mint (Лёд, Лимон, Мята, 50 грамм) 75. 00 грн. Табак Nakhla Mix — Ice Grape Mint (Лёд, Виноград, Мята, 50 грамм) 65. 00 грн.

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I can say that there is a very little amount of anise in the smell from the pack, even though it is green apple, but not really felling it while smoking, since I am not fan of double apple and anise in general and would feel it for sure. So, serbetli ice green apple is the closest substitute you can get for Nakhla, I personally like it :)

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0/16/2014Shisha Tobacco Review: Nakhla Mix - Ice Raspberry Mint. . . 8. 5/10. Very nice sweet and tart Raspberry flavor backed up by a touch of Mint. Could stand a tad more Mint but still an enjoyable smoke

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Табак NAKHLA TOBACCO. Табак Nakhla 50 гр Табак Nakhla Mix Ice Lemon Mint. . . Наличие товара Табак Nakhla Mizo Raspberry (Малина). . . Наличие товара


Nakhla ice raspberry mint

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REVIEW – Ice Raspberry Mint de Nakhla (Por Kaluh – Cachimberos. net) 30/04/2015 20/05/2015 anaisabelruiz FumandoEspero , Noticias para fumadores , Reviews , Shisha Familia hoy os traigo la review del sabor ‘ Ice Raspberry Mint ‘ perteneciente a la marca Nakhla y a la gama Mix.

Nakhla ice raspberry mint

Nakhla Mix - Ice Raspberry Mint - Tabaksorten von Nakhla

Home / Nakhla Ice Raspberry Mint (50 g) ESTANCO OTROS; 2,75: 3,15 guenos! Relojes de madera Rimas de Becquer. Noticias.

Nakhla ice raspberry mint

Shisha Hookah Tobacco, Flavor: Raspberry Mint - The

/4/2014 Shiazo Steam Stones

Nakhla ice raspberry mint

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Schnelle Lieferung. Mehr als 7. 500 Kunden vertrauen uns. Kauf auf Rechnung (ohne Tabak) Versandkostenfrei ab 100€

Nakhla ice raspberry mint

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Nakhla (1 товар в категории) Nakhla 250 гр. Nakhla 50 гр

Nakhla ice raspberry mint

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Nakhla Mix Ice Raspberry Mint. Nakhla Mix ice watermelon mint Нахла ледяной арбуз с мятой. Всем знакомый вкус арбуза удачно приправлен охлаждающей мятой, очень х. . 250р.

Nakhla ice raspberry mint

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Hey que tal compan les comparto una review sobre un tabaco Premium el cual es Nakhla Mix Ice Raspberry Mint (Frambuesa con menta)

Nakhla ice raspberry mint

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Catalog of tobacco for hookah Nakhla. Low price. Buy with delivery.